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Why investing for retirement is different

When you’re still employed and earning a salary, there’s money coming in you can rely on. In retirement, in the absence of a regular salary you’ll need to find a new way to secure enough income to cover your living costs.
Investing your money is one way to make the most of your savings and provide an income in retirement but if you’re expecting savings and investment earnings to help cover your expenses, it’s important to get your strategy right.

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Buying an investment property

Buying a rental property is a very popular investment in Australia. For many investors, the appeal of owning an investment property is linked to their familiarity with this asset class – most of us either own or rent a house, apartment or villa. Over time, a quality, well located property could generate long term growth and decent income returns.

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Understanding the Downsizer Contribution

Many older Australians often include their family home as part of their long term financial strategy. Interestingly, they can explore the option of investing the proceeds from selling their home into superannuation fund, known as downsizer contribution. Is it for you?

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Why staying invested matters when markets fall

It’s natural to feel nervous when markets fall, but history tells us that markets trend upwards in the long run – and switching investment options at the wrong time can have a negative impact on your overall long-term invest.

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How old is too old for insurance?

How old is too old for insurance, and do you or your parents still need cover if they are nearing retirement or no longer have an income? The answer is there could still be benefits from keeping personal insurance cover.

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